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    – The MTX6 has been designed with drastic improvements in respects such as steering, traction, durability and overall maintenance
    – Standard issue on the MTX6 are many diverse parts such as: alum. rear lower suspension arm mounts, front/rear differential case, front upper arm & arm bracket, front alum. bulkhead, changes to the 2nd gear pinion and spur gear, high strength front body mount and stronger chassis with many more new parts that where strengthened too.
    – A new twin brace system connects to both sides of the 2 speed gear box to the radio plate which will almost eliminate flex on the chassis. This will create better power from the engine to the drive train
    – The MTX6 has improved rigidity around the engine area, smaller holes under the front/rear differentials which will reduce flex of the chassis and make for better front/rear balance of the car
    – The rear bulkhead has new bracing that connects to the 2 speed gear shaft bulk head and controls the twist of both sides of the chassis and improves the efficiency of the whole drive train.
    – There is a 1mm wider 2nd pinion gear and spur gear for greater durability
    – The brake disc is mounted to the 2 speed shaft for more consistent and stronger braking power.
    – A specially designed front bulkhead to make removal of differential much easier plus an increase in strength.
    – A new servo saver which will allow for more adjustability for different track condition.
    – Graphite front/rear shock towers, a new shock spring will greatly improve stability, steering and traction on all surfaces
    – A new clutch spring designed from exotic materials and heat treated to keep constant stability in clutch feel over a long periods of racing under high heat temperatures

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